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Mural Services

The Hanger, being an Art Gallery and creative organization is passionate about making art publicly accessible via murals. We specialize in interior and exterior paintings for offices and residential homes to restaurants or schools. While we hand paint our custom murals with brushes or spray paint, we offer faster and less laborious processes such as custom wallpaper and vinyl installations.

Our mural collaboration process is simple and to get started, reach-out to us via phone at 816-588-4949 or email

1. DISCOVERY: First, we learn about you, or your client’s, vision and goals by phone, email or we can meet for an onsite visit. Whether you have a clear vision, or just a budding idea we’d love to work with you at every creative stage. In addition to the design of your custom mural, we would also define the project’s size, budget, time frame, equipment needs, and space protection plan.

2. DESIGN/DEPOSIT: Once your vision and goals for the project are established, we thoughtfully pair you with one, or more of our artists who, for select projects, will deliver a complimentary initial design of your custom mural which includes a black and white sketch and mood board. Once you’ve approved the general design direction, we can provide an accurate quote based on the project size, design complexity, and working conditions as well as the time needed to complete your mural. In order to continue from this stage we require a signed agreement that includes the scope of work and a 30% deposit. The rest of the budget is due once the project is completed.

3. EXECUTION: We work around your busy schedule and diligently protect the surroundings of your custom mural so the art goes only where you want it. Our mural production schedule is all days of the week which includes evenings, and weekends. We are able to handle rush situations and tackle large scale mural projects easily with our large team of artists. For projects requiring equipment such as boom lifts swing stages, etc. we are safety certified trained and would handle the receiving and return of equipment. We also provide full insurance coverage for all projects to give peace of mind to our clients while we’re onsite.

Based in Kansas City, Missouri,, but able to travel worldwide, our extensive network of graffiti and street artists can bring any idea you have to reality. Whether you have a full design prepared, or need us to create visuals for your project, we are experienced handling every situation.

We offer competitive pricing, provide a large collective of professional artists to choose from, execute custom murals quickly (after hours typically so we don’t interrupt your day), and make the experience easy for you.

Check out our a few of our past custom murals below and our mural clients above!

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